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Our Brand


Behind the Brand...Our Name and Logo

It was always going to be incredibly important to us that our name and logo have meaning and symbolism attached to them. We gave these a great deal of thought because we wanted to reflect who we are as individuals, what the business would stand for and what we were attempting to provide for our doctor clients that was not previously available in the medical indemnity market: an advisory service providing doctors with the best choice of medical indemnity from Australia's “doctors for doctors” medical indemnity insurers. 


Our Name  

Doctors’ Choice Medical Indemnity Advisers...Our name succinctly tells our clients who we are and why we exist. We offer doctors the opportunity to make an informed choice when it comes to their medical indemnity insurance saving them money, time and stress. Our service is exclusively for doctors and we believe in the doctors for doctors medical indemnity model.


Our Logo

Our logo has been thoughtfully designed to encapsulate who we are. We want it to become widely recognisable for doctors across all disciplines of practice, the medical indemnity industry and the medical community in general. There are four components of our logo: 


Heart - The heart reflects who we are as individuals and our business ethos. We are passionate about providing a quality service that caters to the specific needs of each of our doctor clients. We are caring and share a commitment to working ethically and with integrity, and we love what we do! We value the relationships we build with our doctor clients and to us they aren’t “just business”.


Heart Rhythm - By doing our job well we provide our doctor clients with the opportunity to look after the health of their insurance; a kind of health check-up that keeps them on the front foot and in charge of where their hard-earned dollars go.


Diamond Cut - The diamond represents the highest quality service which we provide. We pay attention to the detail and complexities of our doctor clients’ needs.  


Colours - The blue represents stability, clarity, understanding, calm, confidence, faith and comfort while the shards of yellow highlight our fresh, energetic, joyful and lively approach.


This is our business story told through our name and logo.

Doctors’ Choice Medical Indemnity Advisers Pty Ltd ABN 27 607 529 948 (Doctors’ Choice) has an Australian Financial Services Licence (Number 483781).

We are licensed to act as a General Insurance Broker providing advice and dealing in general insurance products.