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What We Do


At Doctors' Choice we use our experience and knowledge of the medical indemnity industry, spanning over 45 years collectively, to provide our services always with our clients' best interests being our number one priority.


For doctors

Medical indemnity cover is one of the most important investments a doctor will make for a long and successful career. Doctors’ Choice provides obligation-free, individually tailored, expert policy advice at no cost to our doctor and medical student clients.


For medical practices

Medical practices carry their own unique risks that may not be covered by the individual doctors’ medical indemnity insurance policies. Doctors’ Choice also helps doctors and Practice Managers by providing no-cost, obligation-free, expert practice policy advice.


Our services

As our name suggests, we help our clients make informed choices on the best policies available for them from Australia’s "doctors for doctors” medical indemnity insurers. We are committed to establishing and building long term relationships with our clients that will see them using our business expertise for the duration of their working life.


Initial advice

Initially, we carry out a free health check of our client’s medical indemnity insurance. We often find that our clients are not covered for all of their current or past work. The reasons for this include errors in clients’ policy retro dates, doctors performing procedures outside of their risk category, incorrect billings, doctors performing volunteer and/or overseas work outside of their current policy cover, practice liability exposure and many more. We have even had clients who were not covered for any of their work due to a policy technicality applying to their circumstances!


On the flip side, we sometimes find that clients are entitled to refunds from insurers for reasons including incorrect billings or not availing themselves of premium subsidies provided by the Australian government.


We don’t always recommend a change of insurer, however when our clients choose to change medical indemnity insurers on the basis of our recommendations, we help them make the switch and ensure they have continuous cover in place.


Whether we recommend our clients change insurer or stay with their current provider, our clients have the confidence of knowing their policy coverage and corresponding premium is right for them.


Renewal advice

We don’t simply provide a one-off, “set and forget” service. We systematically review developments in the medical indemnity industry in general and the specific product offerings of the Australian doctor-owned medical indemnity insurance providers throughout the insurance year. We contact our clients prior to their annual insurance renewal with our obligation-free, individually tailored renewal recommendation.


Advice on changes of professional circumstances

When clients notify changes in their professional circumstances, we analyse the impact of those changes on their medical indemnity insurance and make appropriate recommendations. We then do the legwork on any changes required to their current policies.



Our clients deal directly with their medical indemnity insurers in relation to claims. However, in the unlikely event of a dispute with their insurer in relation to a claim, we are here to help our clients with lodging a complaint.



If you have any queries about our services, we are keen to hear from you. Please call us on 1800 DRS CHOICE (1800 377 246) or drop us a line using our Contact Form or by email at service@drschoice.com.au.

Doctors’ Choice Medical Indemnity Advisers Pty Ltd ABN 27 607 529 948 (Doctors’ Choice) has an Australian Financial Services Licence (Number 483781).

We are licensed to act as a General Insurance Broker providing advice and dealing in general insurance products.